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PBL Workshop

PBL Resources and Project Ideas


What Project Based Learning IS and ISN'T - HERE

PBL Workshop Slidedeck - HERE

PBL CheckList - HERE

21st-Century Competency Project Rubric - HERE

Project Tracker Template - HERE

Project Timeline Template - HERE

Project Assignment and Task Sheet (PATS) - HERE

Writing Effective Driving Questions - HERE


Jewish Identity 

This project focused on middle school students expressing their thoughts and feelings around Jewish Identity and Unity. 7th grade students planned, interviewed, scripted, and produced a film promoting their views on Jewish identity and unity that has amassed over 100,00 views across various social media platforms. 

Skill Development and Knowledge Acquisition

Scriptwriting, Multimedia Production, Project Planning and Management, Research, Presentation Skills, Verbal and Visual Communication Skills, Understanding Audience.

Nature Documentary

Middle school students traveled to the Olympic National Forest to embark on a week long research hike. The focus of the project was to create an interactive document that allowed viewer to experience and learn from the students journey. 

Skill Development and Knowledge Acquisition

Research, Experimentation, Project Planning, Visual and Verbal Communication Skills, Digital Publishing, Understand Audience, Writing and notetaking. 



Integrated Day of Learning (Water Conservation)

Middle School students spent the day exploring their relationship with water from a Judaic and scientific perspective. During the day students rotated through various faculty and peer run stations learning about different components of water. In groups students were challenged with addressing a specific water themed problem, produce a rapid prototype solution, and present it to their peers. 

Skill Development and Knowledge Acquisition

Research, Experimentation, Project Planning, Collaboration, Design Thinking and Rapid Prototyping, Presentation and Verbal Communication Skills.