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Blog / Vlog / Podcast

Educated By Design the book released 1/1/19!

Educated By Design

Welcome to Educated By Design Project! This space is where I share my thoughts through blogging, vlogging, and podcasting on how we can help build creative courage and capacity to become better critical thinkers and problem solvers.

Design Thinking.

Come on a journey with me into a deep dive design thinking course that help you mentor students in building stronger creative capacity to solve interesting problems around them.

Join here.

The Blog, The Vlog, The Podcast.

Educated By Design Blog

Check out my blog where I write about topics ranging from creative problem solving, design, Edtech and innovation that can be directly implemented into your teaching practice leading to student empowerment and engagement.

Educated By Design Vlog

Check out my weekly Vlog where I share insights into how design can be used as a method of dreaming, development, and discovering amazing ways to solve problems and add benefit to the experience of others.

Educated By Design Podcast

Check out my weekly podcast where I interview amazing individuals in creative industries to share with educators how they ideate, embrace failure, and develop unconventional solutions to challenges they face.