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#ettiPad Day One



Today is February 3rd, which is three days shy of six months since my last blog article.

So, hello again, allow me to re-introduce myself....

This year ISTE '14 is going to be on the Jewish Sabbath which means that I would be unable to attend the first day of the conference. While disappointment would be an appropriate emotional reaction, I am a firm believer of Hashgacha Pratis (Divine Intervention) which means that although I cannot understand why, ISTE being on Shabbat was,

literally the best thing that could possible happen to me.

In November when my principal returned from an EdTech Conference in Boston, he informed me that I would be attending the EdTechTeacher iPad Summit in Feburary with 4 faculty members. 

Now, thats what we call Hashgacha Pratis!

Day one of #ettipad was a jam packed 6 hour Pre-Conference workshop. It was led by @gregkulowiec who has an geshkmack (Yiddish: Extremely Awesome) way of integrating technology into learning. From a "1 screen" App Limit, to App Smashing, my head is literally about to explode!

The bottom line of todays workshop?

App Fluency Vs. App Addiction

Thats a whole blog post unto its own...