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Using The "Bad Idea Factory" To Help Build Creative Courage

Michael Cohen

Years ago I heard about the "Bad Idea Factory" like any buzzword I try to plumb the depths of Google to find the creator of these actives. The best I could do is find a 2012 article by Kevin Brookhouser tilted, 20% Project: Bad Idea Factory. In the article he shares that he learned about this activity from Ewen McIntosh at NoTosh but the link to his article is broken. I reached out to him on Twitter to get more information so hopefully he will respond and I can embed the tweet…

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Why Functional Fixedness And The Fear Of The Unknown Are The Greatest Obstacles Of Creativity.

Michael Cohen

So if we are open to shifting our thinking, what is the next step? It lies in a famous quote from Steve Jobs who said “creativity is connecting things”. The ability to connect things lies in how we look at the relationship between people, places, and ideas. It's in how we overcome one of the greatest obstacles to creativity - Functional Fixedness

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Using Prezi To Create Engaging Ways To Share Information



People love to share information, plain and simple. Social Media has capitalized on this humanistic nature of sharing with others through writing, photos, videos, and beyond. One of these tools, Prezi, is an amazing way to share information in a non linear manner that gives viewers the ability to experience the information through the author's intended path, or to create their own unique route. Coupled with a good layout design which can be created via PhotoShop or Illustrator, the power of Prezi's dynamic movement is able to shine. Currently, I am enrolled in the Design Thinking Action Lab taught at Standford's D.School. The Design Thinking philosophy thus far has left me in awe as I realize that the true solution to a challenge is not through your own personal limited vision, but through the eyes of those caught in the challenge.

"Empathy is the capacity to recognize emotions that are being experienced by person"

Below is my first attempt at an Empathy Map & Problem Statement. The challenge was the Transition from School to Work. I interviewed an architecture student who is in his final months of graduate school and already working on special projects and recently employed at a design firm.

Click on the image below to view the Prezi Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 4.07.16 PM