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Take Famous Figure Bios from Boring To Epic Using Adobe Spark Post!

Educated By Design Blog

Take Famous Figure Bios from Boring To Epic Using Adobe Spark Post!

Michael Cohen

Visual Communication skills. Everyone needs them. This isn’t an option for our K-8 students today. Their tomorrow will expect them to have an eye for design just like our yesterday expected us to know Microsoft Office. While short on time is an understatement, we need to find ways to get these skills inculcated into our students one way or another.

Today’s Spark Tip comes in the form of a Famous Figure Bio!

famous figure bio

Photo: Downloaded a .png (to let you move around the photo. A .jpg will lock into a grid and not let you move it around. The photo was chosen using the Google “Usage Rights” feature.

Text: Choose a font that make large blocks of text legible. The students can research this information in books or websites.

Title: Titles should stand out but not overpower the rest of the image

Frame: Since the photo alone is plane, you can have students design a nice frame in Adobe Spark Post or another design program.

You can get as simple or fancy as time permits, but this graphic challenged students to present information in a way that is both visually appealing and clearly understood. I personally went to town create a fancy frame for Mr. Lincoln by combing a series of icons from the Adobe Spark Icon Library.

The premise is simple; Challenge students to create content that others want to learn from, and challenge students further in believing they have the ability to teach others better because of visual design skills.

Who would you feature in your Famous Figure Bio? Let me know how you plan to use this in the comments!