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When Will EdTech Become Just Ed?

Educated By Design Blog

When Will EdTech Become Just Ed?

Michael Cohen

I was recently bundled together with a group of incredible educators to document our thoughts on the future of K12 Education for The Edvocate Blog

Here is my excerpt but I HIGHLY suggest that you go to the article and look through this powerhouse of thought. 

I see education, as the last industry to avoid disruption and evolution at the hands of the internet and technology. The internet has completely democratized access to knowledge, resources, and most of all to people. While education continues to focus on rote memorization and standardized assessments, anyone with an internet connection can take an online course, connect with experts, and develop valuable skills for the #FutureofWork. While many are excited about AR, VR, AI and other emerging technologies, I am fascinated at how students can leverage the internet and social media to succeed in professions they’re passionate about.

My thoughts are based on my experience as an educator as well as someone with over a decade of experience in the world of emerging technology. Organizations like the Gartner Group, The World Economic Forum, and the MIT Media Lab are regulars in my feed. What inspired me to write this has little to do with my awareness of technology, but rather its future impact on education. Which is why I was shocked to be including in general K12 and not EdTech. I am the Tech Rabbi after all, and over the past 5 years I have worked hard to do my very best in EdTech with hopes that others would gain value from my work. It has led me on an incredible journey culminating with amazing collaborations, presentations, and recently keynote addresses.

When I saw my name absent from the EdTech section, first I panicked, then I was ecstatic. Quite a drastic shift in emotion right? You see, EdTech is still a subcategory of education. While pencils, tests, and aged based classrooms are part of the mechanics, technology is still viewed as optional at worst or useful at best. While other industries thrive, innovate, and evolve through their use of technology, it is still truly an add on. 

This needs to change. Education is the last industry to experience true disruption (for the positive) through the use of technology. Its failures like LAUSD's iPadgate, or mediocre solutions to LMS, Edu Apps, etc is due to the lack of true belief that technology is as vital to education as pencil and paper.