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The Invisible iPad - It's Not About The Device! 2016

Educated By Design Blog

The Invisible iPad - It's Not About The Device! 2016

Michael Cohen

In 2012, while attending my first ISTE conference, I was both overwhelmed and inspired by the literary thousands of ways that technology could be used in the classroom. Sessions like “60 Apps in 60 minutes” and “100 Apps for the English Classroom” seemed to be staple session titles. These sessions seemed like standard protocol and “best practice” when looking at technology’s role in the classroom.

Our aim is to use as much technology as possible, but not the same app twice.

I have always had technology in my life, from America Online, to building my own computers, to early 90's video conferencing. The unique experience, I feel, especially when hearing people reminisce of real old-school tech, is that my technology did things, and it did them with simplicity and ease. This critical point should be acknowledged, that in the 90's technology truly became a consumer product that could get things done.

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